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5 6                                   Core Prints.

and a template given  to the moulder of the shape shewn   at
Fig. 690.

The cores, of a length equal to the thickness (full) of the
flange, are pushed down to their place, and held there by friction.

But a case similar to the above might occur, when, on account
of the weight of the core or the accuracy required, it might be
advisable to have prints, and as plain cylindrical ones would not

draw, as previously stated, we are obliged to have recourse to the
1 tail' prints in Fig. 6gb. Here A represents the pattern with its
prints, B is the core box for the hole, and c represents the finished
mould The portions bb are to be filled in by the moulder either by
hand, or in the case of a difficult shape, by cores made from boxes.